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On the completion of the course the B.Sc (N), students will able to

  • Recognize the role to deliver the health care and meet the needs of the sick individual.

  • Utilization of nursing knowledge through the application of critical thinking, judgment and skill to identify and diagnose the health problems of the individual and community.

  • Adaptation of comprehensive health care approach to address the biological, psychological, social and spiritual needs of the sick individuals.

  • Collaboration with the members of health care team in imparting the holistic health care to the needy individuals.

  • Adhere to the legislation, professional etiquette and employer policies in the practice.

  • Documentation of the routine care, treatment and procedures.

  • Establish competent in maintaining documentation of routine care, treatment and procedures to ensure the ethical and legal safety.




On the completion of the course the ANM, students will able to

  • Appreciate the concept of holistic health and understand the influence of socioeconomic and Environmental factors on the health status of the community.

  • Identify health problems / needs and resources in the community and mobilize social support for active participation of the community in health care activities.

  • Perform the Duties and Responsibilities of Public Health System (Urban Local Bodies/Rural Areas) .

  • Be part of the health team for implanting international Health Regulations.

  • Provide preventive, promotive, restorative and emergency health care to individuals and Community as required.

  • Render skilled health care services at home, clinic and school settings.

  • Act as a team member in the health care delivery system.

  • Manage the health centre including equipment and supplies, and maintain the records in order to provide quality people friendly services

  • Educate the community on health, nutrition and hygiene.

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